USA Hockey

USA Hockey is one of the biggest and most successful ice hockey organizations in the world. With numerous podium finishes in the World Championships, Olympic games, and other international tournaments both for men’s and women’s teams, USA Hockey has become a perennial powerhouse in the sport of ice hockey.

Recently, USA Hockey made headlines when they achieved a bronze medal finish in the Women’s World Ice Hockey championships in Finland. The result saw the Americans finally break through an initial first-round playoff exit they had faced in each of the previous three years. The result was doubly sweet as it was also Coach Bob Corkum’s first championship with the team.

USA Hockey’s strength is not only limited to their success on the international stage. Domestically, hockey continues to grow in popularity amongst all age groups across the United States, and clubs are flourishing up and down the country. Whether it is hosting international competitions, or creating new leagues for both men and women, USA Hockey has proven itself to be at the vanguard of ice hockey in America

With success on the international stage as well as domestically, it is not hard to see why USA Hockey continues to be one of the most successful organizations in all of sports. Their focus on diversity and inclusion is unparalleled, both at the national level and even at local levels of competition. Whether you’re a fan of international or domestic hockey, there’s something for everyone at USA Hockey.

USA Hockey is one of the leading national governing bodies for ice hockey in the United States. Founded in 1937, USA Hockey is responsible for the development and growth of hockey across the country, from youth players to professional athletes. The organization provides a wide range of opportunities for amateur hockey players, from recreational leagues to higher education scholarships for aspiring athletes.

With more than 550,000 registered members and over 5,000 affiliated programs, USA Hockey remains the largest awareness program in the nation. The organization’s mission is to promote, grow, and sustain the sport of ice hockey in all its forms at all levels within the United States. USA Hockey works to provide opportunities for athletes of all ages and abilities as well as coaching certifications and resources for coaches. Additionally, USA Hockey maintains safety standards and protocols in accordance with health guidelines and regulations provided by governing bodies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE).

In terms of competitive play, USA Hockey organizes youth tournaments at both state and national levels to give young players a chance to compete against top-level competition. The organization also runs several National Championship tournaments throughout the year for different age groups and skill levels. Higher-level competition includes Olympic hockey teams in both men’s and women’s divisions as well as professional leagues such as the NHL, AHL, ECHL, SPHL, and FHL.

From grassroots participation to elite-level competition, USA Hockey continues to be a major influence in developing and sustaining ice hockey throughout the United States. As an organization that prides itself on providing valuable opportunities for hockey players at all levels, USA Hockey is poised to continue their tradition of excellence well into the future.

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